Naples-Ft Myers home inspections starting at $175.
Monday Mar 18, 2019 4:14 pm

Naples,Bonita Springs,Estero,Ft Myers Mobile Homes -S-$195- D-$225


Mobile & Manufactured Homes

Single Wide-$195.00    Double Wide- $225.00

(Four Point Inspections are $139.00)

Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications

Manufactured Home Foundation CertificationsIf you are selling or buying a manufactured home, then most likely a foundation certification will be required. For all FHA and VA loans, an engineer’s foundation certification is required that states that the home is placed on a permanent foundation that complies with the “HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes”, dated 1996 by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

We have partnered with the engineers at Foundation Certifications to provide a turn-key foundation certification service to you. You may place your order online by going to



  • 911 address posted at the road and house numbers on home if more than 50 feet from road, number to be 3″ minimum height
  • Permit package on site
  • Home located on lot as shown on site plan, property lines marked,
  • The site shall be on 95% compacted fill or graded terrain so all surface water runoff will be diverted well away from the home.
  • All organic material must be removed from the footing locations
  • Steps constructed to code at each door to home
  • Well and septic tank located as shown on site plan
  • The installer’s green sticker from the State of Florida will be dated and placed near a corner of the home


  • Electric
  • Power pole, mast head, and panel mounted stable, correct wire size for service
  • Two ground rods driven a minimum 6’ apart and clamped to grounding electrode conductor
  • Dead fronts in place, (no openings in panel)
  • Four wire from first means of disconnect, correctly landed on inside panel, neutrals and grounds separated, equipment ground must be insulated


    1. Proper burial depth of service to inside panel 18″ if in conduit, 24″ if direct burial cable
  • Service conduit secured to frame under home ( cannot be run on the ground)
  • Over current protection installed per manufacturer’s specification
  • Disconnects provided at well and HVAC units if not within sight of and closer than 50’ to service panel
  • If home is a doublewide: bonding jumper from frame to frame required at end wall, crossover connections will be made up, secured, and covered in factory junction box





  • All sanitary piping extending through floor is connected
  • Septic tank connection is to be complete and exposed for Health Department inspection
  • All fittings oriented correctly and proper slope maintained (1/8″ to 1/4″ per foot)
  • Cleanout provided on sewer line 18″ from edge of home
  • Water supply shut off valve at connection point to home
  • Water supply lines above ground are to be insulated.
  • Pressure relief device at well and well control box securely supported


• If home has been previously set, (used) it will be installed according to State of Florida mobile/manufactured home installation standards – 15C. A detailed booklet on 15C can be obtained from the State of Florida (850) 617-3004. The mobile home installer will have indicated on the documents how the installation is in compliance with 15C



Buying a Mobile or Manufactured Home